Indiabulls Group appoints Rajneesh Chawla as Group Head of Marketing and Communications

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Rajneesh Chawla

The Indiabulls Group announced the appointment of Rajneesh Chawla as its Group Head of Marketing and Communications.

Indiabulls Group has business spanning housing finance, consumer finance, real estate, and pharmaceuticals sectors. Rajneesh Chawla will work closely with the leadership team of these group companies. As the Group places greater emphasis on the digital marketing opportunity in the country, allowing it to interact closely with the younger generation.

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Rajneesh will bring in valuable know-how and experience to lead the marketing efforts towards this goal. Also with more focus directed towards customer satisfaction, the Group aims to engage with consumers more effectively. Rajneesh will be the custodian for the brand and work towards developing and growing Indiabulls to greater heights.

Rajneesh Chawla brings with him more than 22 years of experience in sales and marketing in the banking and financial services industry. He joins the Indiabulls team from HDFC Bank and where he gained multi-faceted exposure to various verticals of marketing like sales, direct communications, digital, product and retail marketing.

Prior to HDFC Bank, he held a leadership position at GE Money, overseeing new market identification and executing the retail footprint in such markets which spurred the company’s accelerated growth.

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