#Infographic – Photography tips for every budding Instagram blogger

photography tips

Instagram is one of the best places on the internet for established and budding photographers to showcase their work for the general public, and if you’re an upcoming photographer and photo blogger, these photography tips are for you!

If you don’t mind getting your clothes soiled or standing/sitting in precarious positions and locations, you’re on course towards becoming a standout photographer. Instagram is populated with many talented professionals such as Chris Burkard, Chase Teron, Alex Strohl and others who have invested years into perfecting their art. Picking a specialization theme is one of the most important photography tips that any professional worth his salt would offer.

If you aren’t a full time photographer and are merely pursuing it as a hobby, worry not because more than 39% of photographers in the UK are part timers!

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Running ads, networking, referrals and shoutouts, and many more photography tips are listed in the Infographic below that won’t just help you master the art, but will also help your blog build an audience for itself that marvels in the presence of excellence.

photography tips

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