Instagram adds improved privacy controls on Stories; replay control and more

improved privacy controls on Stories

Instagram is doubling down on their efforts to make Direct the next big thing by adding improved privacy controls on Stories such as allowing replays, options to keep the photo in chat and more.

These improved privacy controls on Stories are an attempt towards luring the risque loving younger audiences to feel comfortable sharing intimate, sensitive or embarrassing pictures and videos with their friends. Without worrying about screenshots, or the cushion time to replay and record it with another phone’s camera, Instagram Direct could see more conversations between friends, and more often too.

improved privacy controls on Stories

Snapchat, obviously Instagram Stories rival-in-chief and inspiration, offers no such controls, and the platform’s ephemerality too comes at a cost. The usual ‘What was I talking about?’ or ‘I don’t remember what I sent last!’, are a common occurrence on Snapchat whereas on Instagram Stories, if you wish to send a self-destructing text message, you can use the Text template on Stories.

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Agreed that’s a bit of a hassle, but many users prefer to have control over what they’re sending and fine-tune their approach according to who they’re sending texts or images to.

Now, Instagram offering improved privacy controls on Stories surrenders the control in the hands of users with Screenshot notifications, options for one-time viewing, ‘allowing’ replays and opting to keep in chat. These are all wonderful additions keeping in mind that privacy is crucial on social media platforms.

“All these updates are designed to give people more control of what they share with friends in Direct.”, an Instagram spokesperson tells TechCrunch.

Snapchat has already fallen way behind Instagram Stories in terms of user base with a considerably higher 300 Mn users to Snapchat’s 187 Mn and have not done themselves any favours with the new absolutely hated redesign.

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There are petitions doing the rounds that want Snapchat to repeal the cringeworthy update.

“Instagram Stories was supposed to let you share more than the permanent feed highlights of your life. But users still seem to prefer to share private, provocative and ridiculous Stories and messages on Snapchat, while Instagram gets more polished and posed posts and re-sharing of memes.” writes TechCrunch’s Josh Constine.

Will Instagram be able to become Snapchat with these new improved privacy controls on Stories? I wouldn’t be so optimistic for Snapchat.

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