#KFBeerCoaster- Kingfisher tries hands on Oculus Rift

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KF Beer Coaster

This year for ongoing T20 Cricket tournament, Kingfisher reached out to consumers with KF Beer Coaster and an Oculus Rift experience!

The Great Indian October fest witnessed the much talked about Oculus Rift in action at  KF Beer Coaster.

Consumers got to sit on motion chairs in a virtual reality booth as they were taken for a roller coaster ride in a virtual reality environment. While the consumers went through the thrilling experience, pulse meters capping their fingers kept track of their pulse rate.

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This pulse meter sent a signal to a beer dispenser attached to the motion chairs.

#GoodTimesDispenser - Headbang (Dispenser+Social): The Head bang Arena, a big hit from last year’s edition of The Great Indian October fest, got bigger and better. Now in a competitive 2-player face-off format, two visitors, competing against each other, were strapped with the sensors which recorded their headbanging.

The count was displayed LIVE on screens while a bulb representing the competitor with the highest score lighted up and the beer dispenser doled out beer!

GIFs - This year, for the ongoing T20 cricket tournament, Kingfisher has upped the ante and has got cricketers from various franchises to post GIF messages through the brand’s social media pages, getting them closer to their fans.

The GIFs show the fun side of cricketers as they are seen either cheering for their team or chest bumping or even dancing. During the last edition of Kingfisher Premium The Great Indian October fest, GIF booths were installed across the venue for revelers to post videos of themselves having fun.

The idea became an instant hit as GIF videos with the #GoodTimesDance went viral featuring consumers who were seen having a Good Time at the fest.

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