The Kardashian big reveal: 6 marketing lessons from Kylie Jenner's baby announcement

Sukaina Meghani
Feb 05, 2018 13:25 IST
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Kylie Jenner

If you have an active internet connection and don't live in a bubble, you'd be well aware of the fact that the Lip-Kit Kahuna, Kylie Jenner has given birth to a baby girl!

As we all know, from the announcement of their family drama; Keeping up with the Kardashians, lavish Halloween & Christmas parties, dreamy wedding proposals, launch of their clothing and make up line to finally baby announcements, the Kar—Jenner sisters have mastered the use of social media to the best of their ability.

We've listed a step-by-step pattern that we assume the Kardashians have been following for all of their major reveals, with 3 more addition to their growing family, this read has been long due (pun intended)!

1) Tease trap

One thing you ought to know about the family is that they love to create suspense with their marketing game on point that makes the audience join all the dots after it has been disclosed.

Kylie’s Pregnancy Tease

Kim Kardashian Beauty’s big announcement post

Kim Kardashian Reveal

Remember when the romance between Rob and Chyna was brewing?


2) Cheeky Comments

Do you see the pattern that's been followed by the family?

Hear ye hear ye, Rob! 

Or When Caitlyn’s kids supported her during the time needed most

3) Sneaky Snaps

With their Instagram-worthy picture clicking style, the Klan make sure they leave hints without saying a lot.

For instance, Khole and Tristan's relationship was surely one heated affair with pictures coming in


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Also, when Kris Jenner smartly let the world know about the growing family with her family jammies!

4) Going, going, gone

Once everything is out there in the open and everyone wants to know what is exactly happening, the family has the tendency to go MIA until they decide to reveal what's in store.

Be it after the pregnancy, engagement, or break up rumours, the Kweens make sure to go on a social media detox and focus on big reveal. Oh, the build up!

5) Boom!

The marketing moguls are always at the top of their game while breaking a big news with their social media family, leaving the audience wanting to know more about the backstory!

Kylie's Pregnancy Journey

When Caitlyn was born.

Or after Kanye put a ring on it!


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6) After-effects

With Twitter's creativity and memes taking over, the after-effects of their reveal are worth the wait!

After Kylie's little kit was introduced to the world, these were some of the best tweets that'll make you chuckle!

When Kim Kardashian unveiled her make up line, #KKWBeauty

Well, Kar-Jenner sure know how to market - be it an event or a product.

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