Luminaries shares untold stories of Indians who illuminate lives


Luminous Power Technologies unveils a campaign Luminaries which revels a untold story of a Retired Army Officer, Who Survived A Bomb Blast, Is Teaching 470 Tribal Children In Manipur .

The Colonel’s goal is to bring friendship and peace through education and Luminous plays a crucial role in helping him achieve this. It recognized Colonel Rego one among the ‘Luminaries’ who make a difference in the society, and with the ‘White Bullets’ initiative, Luminous is encouraging people to spread education. The chalks used on blackboards are termed ‘White Bullets’ for their power to impact a change in a person’s life through education.

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To help students learn comfortably, Luminous installed solar panels so that the school and hostel never run out of power. With the help of the 10 kilo-watt off-grid solar power plants, 35 computer labs, around 300 classroom, a 100-seater dining hall and a 35-acre campus are lighted.

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The Sunbird Foundation started in 2014 by Colonel Christopher Rego takes care of around 1,000 children in 21 location in the North-East.

With this campaign Luminous wants to spread the importance of knowledge to as many as possible with a hope that more people are inspired to take similar paths as Colonel Rego.

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