How Polycrol established the Bong connection with Pet Pujo during Durga Puja

Pet Pujo


Polycrol – Piramal Healthcare




An OTC antacid brand from the house of Piramal, Polycrol, a brand popular in the East Indian territory, leveraged the perfect opportunity for brand awareness during the auspicious festival of Durga Puja. with their campaign, Pet Pujo.


Intended to create an association and pleasant connect with the Bengali audience based on their nature of binging on delicious food preparations during Durga Puja, Polycrol strategized towards reaching their niche target audience through the perfect social media channels with Pet Pujo.


Binging on food at Pandals is a ritual for the Bengali audience during Durga Puja, and acidity is a common occurrence that is the byproduct of such wholehearted culinary indulgence.

Leveraging this insight, the brand developed a series of creatives which would be appealing to the audience and they actually enjoy the visual experience with Pet Pujo.

The campaign was rolled out with a social media post wishing the audience for the festive season, highlighting the ‘Bong’ love for the worship of Durga Maa and for food. Based on the core of the campaign, the hashtag Pet Pujo was chosen as a suitable hashtag.

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Polycrol also leveraged Facebook’s Carousel Ad service with two carousel ads. One post highlighted the famous foods associated with the festival of Durga Puja at Pandals, which included some of the most favoured and loved Bengali dishes. This helped create a connect with the relevant social media audience based on relativity.

Kolkata is also famous for it’s many theme based Pandals during the festival of Durga Puja and Polycrol’s other carousel post highlighted the Pandals from this year, through minimalist creatives based on the theme.

Keeping the objective for Pet Pujo in mind, Polycrol collaborated with a native page from Kolkata- The Bong Sense and co-created 2 pieces of content in the creator’s style. This was an opportunity to reach the right target audience, since the page had major followers from Kolkata and West Bengal.

To reach out to a diverse and greater audience, Polycrol also collaborated with content portal, ScoopWhoop for Pet Pujo for a topical story that was based on the lines of Bengalis, Food and Durga Puja. Polycrol opted for subtle brand integration with the ScoopWhoop story.

Pet Pujo

Polycrol also  ran a banner ad campaign on the Zee Bangla website, which has a dominant viewership of Bengali population. This made sure that they reach the right set of audience, with effective targeting.

Pet Pujo


The Facebook post promotions performed well and achieved impressive results of 1.1M+ reach.

Collaboration with The Bong Sense garnered a cost effective reach . The collaterals performed well within the community and garnered 500+ shares organically.

Polycrol’s banner ad on the Zee Bangla banners ads captured the right eyeballs and fulfilled its desired objectives of reaching the right target audience.

The branded content partnership with ScoopWhoop yielded an average audience retention of 2 minutes and 31 seconds.

Overall, Polycrol’s Pet Pujo campaign received 658,423+ engagement from all the channels.