#Report Video budget to increase by 68%: Straightforward B2B Marketer’s Guide

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LinkedIn 2018 Marketing Report

The new LinkedIn 2018 marketing report, titled Straightforward B2B Marketer’s Guide lists every well-researched business trend that may gain prominence this year.

Divided into two volumes, the new LinkedIn 2018 marketing report covers the technology, content, targeting and business trends that are going to shape your year.

The LinkedIn 2018 marketing report provides beginner, advanced and expert next steps for all the key trends and also lists them in order of priority so you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts.

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Most importantly, the Straightforward B2B Marketer’s Guide also explains how you can incorporate these insights and trends into your marketing plans today. It is a practical roadmap that will help you level-up your marketing activity.

Voice Search

In 2017, we heard rumblings about optimising page titles for Siri. In 2018, marketers are likely to want to start creating content with Voice Search in mind.

LinkedIn 2018 Marketing Report

China’s Tmall Genie1 and Amazon’s Echo2 saw a record number of sales on Singles’ Day and over the Black Friday weekend respectively. Home assistants could well disrupt standard SEO practices as assistants now seek to return the first best result rather than a set of options.

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Marketers will need to create content that fits with the conversational and natural language used in voice requests, and keep in mind that Google might not be the search engine of choice for all assistants.

Optimization of Multi-Touch Content

You don’t need LinkedIn to tell you that different channels and audience contexts require different messaging. If content is king, context is queen, but B2B marketers are struggling to invest in experimentation and optimisation.

LinkedIn 2018 Marketing Report


A 2017 Salesforce study found that B2B marketing leaders worldwide more than tripled their use of video ads between 2015 and 2017. LinkedIn’s research* found that marketers in India are looking to increase video budgets by 61% in 2018. (*Marketing Teams of Tomorrow, LinkedIn 2018)

LinkedIn 2018 Marketing Report

One popular rule of thumb for content creation is the 1:10 rule and video is no different. If you spend $100 on production, you’ll want to spend $1,000 on distribution. So, don’t let an agency eat up all your marketing budget creating the video; remember to prioritise distribution over production!

You can download the complete Straightforward B2B Marketer's Guide from LinkedIn here.

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