Sabyasachi Mukherjee: A marketing masterstroke

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Marketing Strategy

Sagarika Khanna shares her two cents on the Sabyasachi Mukherjee Marketing Strategy – how the celebrity designer Sabyasachi  Mukherjee’s digital marketing strategy.

I remember that particularly wonderful day when my mother took me to the Sabyasachi store.

When I entered the store, I felt like I had time traveled. The elegant dresses and the fine jewellery were elegance personified. My eyes fell upon a bride to be. She was wearing a form hugging dress of lacey periwinkle. Her ivory shoulders were exposed and her raven mane cascaded down her back.

Her cheeks were suffused with colour. Her eyes shone like twin moons in the dark antechamber of the store. She looked like a princess. Then, I realized why every woman wants wear a Sabyasachi.

His beautiful creations make women feel like queens of the eras gone by. His brand positioning is unique. His clothes let the everyday woman get a taste of the royal life and feel empowered. No other designer till date has achieved this feat.

What tactics does the ace designer employ to maintain his market position and stay ahead of the curve?

Celebrity endorsements

Sabyasachi launches his beautiful collections across all of the social media platforms in alliance with many Bollywood beauties.

In 2002, I rented my first apartment. And moved in there with my tailors and pattern makers. It was all under a thousand square feet. It would become my home, my factory and my atelier! I hand-painted the walls in ‘Bengal Red’ with motifs of flora and fauna inspired by the tree of life! The horses back then did look like rabbits and one bird I am sure looked a bit like a nondescript reptile. Old habits die hard and so a better version of the tree of life makes a second appearance. In Coromandel Red – dextrously hand-painted by The Sabyasachi Art Foundation. #Sabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi #TheSabyasachiArtFoundation #DeepikaPadukone #AsianPaints #Nilaya #SabyasaschixAsianPaints #SabyasachiForNilaya @worldofnilaya @asianpaints @deepikapadukone

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How alluring does Deepika Padukone look in this photo on Sabyasachi’s Instagram account? All young women would want to emulate this international icon as she is grace personified.

Let me just say it. I love Kalki! @kalkikanmani @kalkikoechlin Because she is brave enough to be who she is. From her choice of films to the choices she makes in her personal life – a lesson in self belief! In an industry consumed by power, she exists happily in the fringes, on her own terms. One of the most magnificent actresses of our time, she is India's main candidate for export to Hollywood, but is happy to do small theatre productions across the country. Has it got anything to do with her eclectic French genes? A real unsung hero with such 'je ne sais quoi'! Even here she makes a Sabyasachi saree her very own, yellow – full of the sunny Koechlin disposition. #Sabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi #KalkiKoechlin

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Besides Deepika, Kangana Ranaut and Kalki Koechlin are associated with the Sabyasachi brand. Around 70% of the millennial consumers are influenced by what the celebrities recommend online. Sabyasachi’s sales are an example of this fact.

A research says that a tweet from a celebrity increases the purchase intent by 2.7x as more than 50% of the Twitter users follow and engage with the accounts of their favourite celebrities. The brand has proven this time and time again. All celebs and their stylists act as Sabyasachi brand evangelists.

Master Storyteller

He’s a master storyteller. A study has revealed that 92% of the consumers want their brands to make ads that feel like a story.

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Sabyasachi uses visual and social storytelling strategies on social media to his advantage. He invokes a feeling of nostalgia with the story of every piece he designs.

A quick study of his social media accounts reveals the beautifully penned anecdotes accompanied by the breath-taking visuals that take you back in time to the back alleys of Kolkata or the bazaars of Baroda. He taps into the emotions he creates in the minds of his customers and uses this to drive his content.

It is said that in every 60 seconds about 147000 pictures are uploaded to Facebook and about 70% of the Instagram posts are ignored. In this era of social media clutter, Sabyasachi stands out due to his engaging content.

Connects with consumers 

He connects with the people. A study has revealed that about 30% of the customers will buy products that have been recommended by their peers. Sabyasachi makes great use of this tactic.

Besides celebrities and models, he features his not so famous clients too! These beautiful brides become brand evangelists. They proudly share or retweet the feature in their social media circles and gain social media infamy while getting Sabyasachi a fair share of publicity amongst the masses.

This brand has bolstered its marketing strategy with user generated content. Many brides who don a Sabyasachi flood their social media accounts with their pictures and proudly proclaim that they are Sabyasachi brides. These pictures have not been professionally shot and are relatable.

It feels as if a friend is giving a recommendation. This influences the purchase decisions of the other ladies. The brand maintains a healthy balance of inspirational and aspirational content. By featuring the Sabyasachi brides, the brand makes the customers feel as if they are part of an elite community.

A quick glance at the brand’s social media accounts reveals that this strategy has resulted in many double taps, likes and shares. The fashion designer was also a part of the very popular show, Band Baja Bride where he transformed women from all walks of life into Sabyasachi brides.

His brand extension is on point. Sabyasachi does not alienate the different cultural segments of our country. He designs beautiful ethnic wear for women in different parts of India.

He launches several products (like jewellery, purses and footwear) along with the clothes under one collection. He uses his social media accounts to highlight the vibrant Indian culture. This increases his customer base by 30%.

Sabyasachi has collaborated with Christian Louboutin, the famous shoes designer. The brand is regularly featured in popular publications, not only in print but also across all of the social media platforms.

Due to his marketing masterstrokes, every woman dreams of becoming a Sabyasachi bride!