Snapchat adds GIF stickers and Tabs after backlash on redesign

Snapchat GIF stickers and tabs

Snapchat rolled out a few updates that deals with the features which were hated the most after the much awaited redesign. Make way for Snapchat GIF stickers and tabs

According to a report by CNBC, the issues that users faced with the redesign were – the new Friends page condensing incoming Snapchats and Stories with no chronological order, the difficulty of finding friends in the Send page, and more time and efforts in re-watching a particular story.

While Snapchat, isn’t completely reversing the updates, the disappearing photosharing app is trying simplify it a litte.

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Snapchat is updating in a manner it is easier to find specific people and go through Snapchat stories. The app will give people the liberty to look through various tabs on each page – active stories from friends and group chats will appear on one page while publishers, creators, and communities will be available on the Discover page.

‘Tabs will make it easier for Snapchatters to keep up with the Stories they want, when they want them,’ a Snapchat spokesperson said in a statement

Additionally, a GIF feature will is being added to Snapchat, allowing users to add moving stickers to their stories from a vast library of GIFs from GIPHY.

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Snapchat GIF stickers and tabs come after the petition to reverse the Snapchat redesign garnered 1 million supporters, including global influencers such as Chrissy Teigen and Kylie Jenner.