Whisper joins the movement with Whisper Breaks Silence

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Whisper Breaks Silence

One of the country’s oldest and well known sanitary napkin brands have joined the ongoing movement around shattering the Period taboo with Whisper Breaks Silence, a digital campaign that joins the cause.

Ignited by the recent buzz around the film Padman, and the Padman Challenge doing the rounds of social media, the conversation around Periods and their ill conceived superstitions and perceptions have been thrust into the limelight. Celebrities and common people are speaking up and normalizing the mention of an already normal bodily function and Whisper Breaks Silence is another step towards a common goal.

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For hundreds of years, India has been shackled by the taboo around menstrual cycles with the entire subject being hushed and silenced, and this behaviour being passed on from mothers to daughters, generation after generation but now, a change is in the beckoning.

Whisper Breaks Silence features a freshly written lyrics around the subject of periods, sung to the tune of ‘Hum Honge Kaamyaab’ by multiple girls and women of varying age groups, urging others to not be scared to speak to someone about it. Based on the common practice of hushed discussions around periods, Whisper preaches that information, knowledge and sharing each other’s experiences and questions makes things much easier for growing girls to come to terms with the change in their bodies and lives.

The video on Facebook has racked up 17K views, although the amount of reactions and comments on the video suggest the statistics to be organic.

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