8 YouTube case studies for a better understanding of the platform

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YouTube case studies

Here are 8 YouTube case studies of different genres and industries, that help you understand how Google's brainchild can help you expand your video marketing horizon.

The impact of videos on consumers cannot be stressed upon enough. Nonetheless, brands often confine themselves to pre-roll ads and banners on YouTube. YouTube as a platform is largely underused, many a times due to lack of knowledge in terms of how to leverage the platform to an optimum level.

Here are 8 YouTube case studies of different genres and industries, that help you understand how Google's brainchild can help you expand your video marketing horizon.

Tuft & Needle

After having a terrible shopping experience – high prices and hidden markups, pushy salespeople and poor quality, Tuft & Needle, the startup mattress retailer's goal was really to change the industry.

Video was the most powerful way to show the stark difference between their authentic approach and the traditional mattress industry’s gimmicks. And video ad targeting helped Tuft & Needle reach likely customers – people visiting their website, looking for real estate or doing searches like “best mattress.” Starting on a budget of just $50-$100 a day, the company now dedicates half of their Google advertising to YouTube.

LSTN Headphones

The objective of LSTN Headphones was to create global change by providing high-quality products that help fund hearing restoration, and spread awareness about hearing loss and hearing impairment.

The company therefore, used video ads as their elevator pitch, helping them reach out to new customers in a relatable way. Video advertising have helped LSTN Headphones to gift hearing to over 20,000 people globally.


ZAGG makes huge range of products for protecting mobile devices, including shields, skins, cases and our military-­grade InvisibleShield film.

The brand used YouTube for product demos and installation tips, finding it far more useful and compelling than anything they had previously used. There was a 75 percent rise in conversions with the targeted videos.

The company uploads and advertisse an average of 100 videos per year to maintain interest in our products.


RevZilla, an e-­commerce site and retail store in Philadelphia, realized that with their team’s collective knowledge they could better serve the customers, and reach some new ones, through video ads ­demonstrating new products and essential safety tips.

Video ads helped the brand garner seven million views and a 50 percent increase in revenue over the last few years.

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Rokenbok creates endless, special playtimes for children and their parents. When the economy shifted, specialty toy stores began shutting their doors, Rokenbok needed to quickly find a new way to demonstrate how sophisticated their toys are. The brand therefore, started promoting videos of their elaborate systems on YouTube.

In a span of 3 years, YouTube has become the number one source of traffic to the Rokenbok website.


ShoppersChoice.com, owner of the BBQGuys.com channel, is the ultimate online store for home and outdoor appliances, offering great selection of products, including barbeque grills, outdoor furniture and kitchen accessories. The intension of the YouTube channel was to stay as active as possible, by uploading new content every few days, and promote the brand's best content so that it’s seen by more potential customers. The channel increased from 800 to 5,300 daily views.

Majestic Heli Ski

Majestic Heli Ski offers helicopter skiing in remote areas of Alaska – untracked powder, big mountains and luxury lodging – for an unmatched ski vacation. Building a customer base was the brand's main challenge. Video ads were simply the best way to show this experience. And video ad targeting helped the brand zero in on the people they needed to reach – from the age range of their typical customers to areas of the country where skiing is popular. The brand also focused on people who are searching online for ski resorts or certain types of skis.

Today, the brand gets nearly half of their new skiers from YouTube.

Tulane’s Closet

Tulane’s Closet came up with the unique concept of 'Cover Me By Tui', a breathable, one-piece post-surgical pet garment.

With the help of video ads, it helped their potential customers to decide why this alternative is a better choice for their dogs. They can see how it works, how to put it on, how comfortable and practical it is. And video ad targeting helped the brand reach the right customers – people searching for pet supplies, veterinarians, and dogs. The brand now sells to over 500 veterinarians across the US and the world, and have nearly doubled our sales each year since starting on YouTube. With the help of YouTube, the brand has become one of the most popular dog cone alternatives.

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