#Infographic - 23 Ideas for Marketers wondering what to post on Instagram

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what to post on Instagram

Over 95 million* posts make it on to Instagram every single day, and if your brand is struggling to contribute to that massive number, here’s a lifesaver for marketers who wonder what to post on Instagram.

Consistency is the key when it comes to maintaining a formidable presence on your customers’ Instagram feed, and brands who awaken their Instagram account from campaign to campaign, rarely manage to feature across Instagram feeds (organically). True, it is rather perplexing to know what to post on Instagram if you’re not knee deep in relevant and attention grabbing photographs, but there are always other ways to sustain that consistency.

Product giveaways, demonstrations and contests are wonderful examples for FMCG, E-commerce and consumer durables, whereas restaurants, and other brands can always capitalize on reposting handpicked media from the vast library of user generated content.

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Relevant images from the company’s history, trivia, memes, and wishing your followers during festivals and other occasions and more are a part of this comprehensive list of 23 ideas for every marketer who wonders what to post on Instagram!

what to post on Instagram

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*Source - HootSuite

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