Beginner's guide to digital marketing: Pros & Cons

Arogyalokesh Vutukuru
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digital marketing for beginners

Arogyalokesh gives a layman's guide to new age marketing, making the concept of digital marketing for beginners fun and easy.

The marketing of products or brands via digital channels, that differs from traditional marketing or any other digital medium is called “Digital Marketing”.

Digital marketing is it necessary??

Digital Media is so important nowadays as the consumers or end users often search for desired products or related information or services through online. Day by day the usage of the online marketing is increasing rapidly.

Digital media is the developing source of diversion, news, purchasing and social communication are saying as well. People need brands that they can hope. So everyone targets the baseline of the structure from this.

Digital Marketing, what it specifies??

Few assets that you can run down with digital marketing specifications are -

Website that you own.

Infographic Images that we create.

Different Types of Blog Posts.

Online Advertisements.

Social Media.

Content Management Tools.

Branding goods.

SEO Means??

SEO is basically used by website designers in order to design the website according to the search engine standards to get ‘Indexed’ and ‘Rank’. Based on strategies, techniques and reports used to increase the number of users to the website - “Traffic” by ranking in the SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

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What is Content Marketing??

The writings or promotion of content service for the reason of generating brand information, traffic increment, generation of leads & customers.

What is Inbound Marketing??

Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses different types of marketing such as blogging, content posting, content sharing, SMM, SEM etc and converting the proposal to leads & customers.

What is Social Media Marketing(SMM)??

Promoting your business or product via social media and creating the brand awareness, driving traffic, and generate leads to the business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

One of the methods to drive traffic to our website by paid services whenever your ad is clicked. It is concept of Google AdWords.

Affiliate Marketing

Allowing some ones product to be advertised in your website for promotion in order to gain commission through the product.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a paid media advertising, mostly online, that is adopted by the content marketers. This is the most effective technique used in Digital Marketing.

What is Automation of Marketing??

Automation of marketing refers to different tools that support for marketing a product or business via multiple channels online example- (Social, Email, Website Media etc).

What is Email Marketing??

Marketing through email by outreaching targeted audience with promotion content, offers, infographic images, events etc.

Online PR

Online PR is compared to one of the similar old traditional public relations(PR). It is one of the low-budget technique for marketing. It can be achieved through blogs. It can be done only through online.

Digital Marketing - Will it Work for All Businesses?

Digital marketing will work for any form of business in the industry. Upon what your company trades, It still involves building you views to identify your customers needs, and create valuable online content. It is not recommended that each business should follow Digital Marketing.

Assets of Digital Marketing & What are they??

Traffic to website:

You can analyse the real time users in your page by connecting your site to any one the search engines analytics. Example- Google Analytics. And calculate your customer visits from you analytical reports so to take a chance on how to implement the next strategy.

This strategies improves your marketing channels in which you need to invest and spend on them. Your analytical report defines the average growth of you work and the effort you need to improve in letting different strategies in you work.

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What Kind of Content Should I Be Creating?

Content you create depends on the people you reach and the end users. We should start creating different types of templates of content to identify the you end users are relating to you business. In other ways the content you prepare should reach their goals and overcome their challenges.

To what extent Will It Take to See Results?

With in short span of time you can see the results when compared to traditional marketing techniques & offline marketing strategies. But, the whole thing depends on which digital marketing strategy you follow for you business.

If you outreach you customers or end users with valid content that relates to your business and identify the needs of your customers, than you can see results within six months.

If you are working on paid marketing with your digital strategy you can see the results even quicker. But overall it is recommended that you business should target on Organic traffic results using content, social media, SEO which can withstand for long-term.

Mobile Marketing Come Into the Equation, When??

One More key feature of digital marketing was mobile marketing. As we can see now a days the mobile usage with internet on it and the time spent consuming digital media. On an average 70% of the users are using through mobile compared to Pc’s with the remaining 30%.

So we have a possible way of advertising & promoting our product to the targeted audience at the end of the time. If you posses a mobile app that enables users to download and engage with your product or business.

Whos engages via mobile to your product online can experience as the same on the desktop if your website is responsive. By this way you can create traffic to your website and you can slos monitor the number of users that visit daily/monthly via report analytics.

You have different ways that you can optimise your business for mobile users, and while implementing digital strategy it is to be considered that how the experience will translate on mobile devices.

In the present world with 70% of mobile users daily spent their time at least one hour daily on social media where they can share their views and thoughts. So it would be best opportunity for one to promote and make use of the social platform for the business promotion and increase website traffic.

Most of the marketers and business professionals accepts the fact of social traffic for their business is driven from social networks. Over 65% of the new customers visits from social network. So one can go with Digital Marketing to improve the users traffic to their website.

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