The master of build up - Durex does it again!

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India Hates Condom

Durex India launched India Hates Condom as a teaser to the launch of their latest product, Durex Air.

Ever wondered why is India the second most populated country in the world? With Condoms being freely distributed in Government hospitals and cheapest available product in the pharmacy, there is still a sense of ignorance and the latex is looked down upon.

Durex’s recent campaign, India Hates Condoms is on point, and clearly managed to get all the attention it wanted from their audience & and made all the other competitor brands in the industry cry, “we’re late”.

Marketing Foreplay

Before unveiling their campaign and finding out the reason why India Hates Condoms, Durex tried playing safely with numbers asking the followers on their timelines about their preferences. The brand received a massive response from their followers and the campaign hashtag trended for about 48 hours.

Take a look at how Twitterati reacted to Durex's

Most of the users pointed out that, along with stereotypes and the air of taboo that sex carries, many men feel that sex with condoms isn’t enjoyable enough. Influencers such as Sorabh Pant and Sumukhi Suresh too were a part of the activity.

Further Durex created a vox pop video in association with ScoopWhoop, wherein the anchor scores the streets to find out why India Hates Condoms.

Activity Climax

According to KeyHole, about 3,554,002 reach and 8,007,600 engagement was noted on Twitter alone. Facebookers and Twitterati jumped on the opportunity and spoke their heart out on the issue that is faced by around 95% of Indians!

During the activity, a glimpse of their upcoming announcement film was shared on 6th March teasing the social-media users and the complete video and their latest product, Durex Air was unveiled the very next day.

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Durex took their time and made sure that its users enjoyed the build up, before finally revealing their product. Also, the brand smartly integrated the thought process invested in Durex Air, making the launch activity rock solid.

Durex Jeans and now Durex Air, looks like the brand definitely knows how to make an entrance!

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