Facebook Jobs officially rolling out in 40 countries!

Facebook Jobs

It has been slightly over a year since Facebook Jobs was rolled out in the USA and Canada, and now the LinkedIn competitor is being rolled out to over 40 countries worldwide!

Facebook Jobs allows Business Pages on the platform to post job listings on their pages itself, providing a dedicated section for on the Left hand side accompanying other options such as Photos, Events, Videos and more.

Facebook Jobs
A preview of Facebook Jobs from February last year when the service was introduced in North America.

The company is launching the feature for both Desktop and Mobile Facebook users as they claim that at least one in four Americans are now looking for prospective job opportunities on Facebook Jobs.

Find a job using Facebook

Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

This allows Facebook to engage another rival in the realm of social media platforms. LinkedIn, which has been the digital connect to the professional world for years now, would now go head to head with Facebook, which boasts of over 2 Billion users, as compared to LinkedIn’s 500 Million.

Once a Business posts a Job on their Page, applicants can check it out and hit ‘Apply Now’ following which Facebook can automatically fill out most of the personal information on the application such as name, address, email address, age and more.

Facebook Jobs
File Photo – February 2017

When Facebook Jobs was announced last year, Social Samosa reported that businesses from United States and Canada would be allowed to post job listings on their verified Facebook Pages seeking out applicants. Interactions could be easily made through Messenger for added convenience of a one-stop-social-media-platform.

With its merits, also come the demerits since job applicants would not prefer their Facebook activity to be taken into account during a background check, instead hoping their much more civil and professional LinkedIn activity be considered.

How to post a Job listing on Facebook

Post your job on Facebook

Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Some of the partner’s for Facebook Jobs in North America last year were Jasper’s Market, Stylin’ Graham’s Cafe and many such SMBs.

Last year, Facebook said more than 40% of SMBs, that employ nearly half the country’s workforce in the United States, face trouble when it comes to recruiting new employees.

Although, the Gen Y could prefer Facebook as a viable job portal even if the more seasoned professionals stick to LinkedIn. The audience’s familiarity with Facebook’s UI could greatly benefit the social network, although personally, I would prefer to keep social and professional separate.

What are your thoughts about Facebook Jobs? Would you be willing to give it a shot or are you LinkedIn forever? Tell us at [email protected]