SATO takes a bold step towards safe sanitation with #ForThemToo


SATO launched a heartfelt campaign called #ForThemToo that features tales of distress and problem of women who stay in urban slums.

Chocolates, flowers, countless wishes on Whatsapp and tempting offers to special ‘Ladies’ nights’. Yes that how most of us celebrate Women’s Day today.

While it is absolutely reasonable to celebrate and pamper ourselves for our achievements, we must not forget that there are millions of others, just like us, whose voices are unheard; they are still looking for a reason to celebrate this day.

Giving a platform to these voices, one brand perturbed us with its bold and hard- hitting video that made us sit up and take notice of a problem which we in the cities conveniently ignore. SANITATION!

Did you know that 63 million women in our country still have no access to safe sanitation; and no this problem is not restricted to the villages or tier II towns, this problem is very must prevalent in the peri-urban community.

The brand launched a heartfelt campaign called #ForThemToo that features tales of distress and problem of women who stay in urban slums. In less than 5 days, the video has crossed over 2.2 million views on Facebook and we have only seen positive participation from people.

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Reaching over 4.5 million people and garnering over 7.8 million impressions, SATO has initiated an important discussion around sanitation.

Open defecation has been one of the key focus areas for quite a few public welfare organizations but the awareness is limited to a very niche audience. Moreover, awareness alone is not the solution. It is only the first step towards creating a safe sanitation based environment for women.

The campaign pinpoints the critical health and safety issues that women are prone to when they practice open defecation. It  touches a chord because somehow we perceive open defecation to be a problem of some far- flung rural area of our country but this video unnerves you the moment it shows that even our own maid in a metro city might not have access to safe sanitation.

SATO provides an innovative and a tangible solution to the problem of open defecation that can bring about an enormous change in the sanitation facilities for women across different economic classes.

Its TPPF toilet pans are affordable and are easy to install and clean which has helped in empowering millions of women with safe and durable toilets for a better and more hygienic toilet experience.

So this year, let’s not stop at just at Women’s Day. Extend your support to create awareness about the sanitation challenge and help facilitate safe and clean sanitation #ForThemToo