#Infographic - Updated guide to Facebook Ad Placements

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Facebook ad placements

With over 3 million* businesses using Facebook Advertising regularly, are you choosing the correct spots to showcase your ads? Do you need help when it comes to understanding the best Facebook ad placements?

Most advertisers may prefer to opt for the more cost effective and easier Automatic Facebook Ad placements but it knowing where to manually place your ads gives you the valuable insight and data that is unparalleled. What are your campaign objectives is what you need to jot down first before selecting the optimal spot for your ads.

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Do you intend to generate brand awareness, or are looking towards diverting traffic to your website? Are you looking for quantitative or qualitative results?

Advertising with Facebook allows businesses to deliver their ads on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Workplace, Instant Articles, Facebook Messenger and more. Understand the many objectives and the best placements for Facebook ads with this helpful guide.

Facebook ad placements

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