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online image theft

If you are an upcoming or even an established photographer to have been at the receiving end of online image theft, you must not have realized that for every stolen photograph, you lose $446!

Online image theft is a crime that most people aren’t at all aware of, let alone understand the absolute injustice done to photographers by reusing their images without permission, and at times even without due credits.

Pinterest leads the way when it comes to online image theft with up to 41% of reported copyright infringement cases, and China, the United States and France are the top 3 countries that witness most cases of online image theft.

If you too have suffered a similar experience, or would like to safeguard your hard work from being reused and stolen by unscrupulous and dishonest users and organizations on the internet, here are the dos and donts.

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Not just for creators, this helpful guide is also a must have for any blogger, social media user, and organization that does not intend to step on the toes of photographers who work hard for the perfect images. Understand the legal and illegal use of copyrighted images and other information that can help prevent online image theft with this infographic.

online image theft

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