The Photography Escapade 3 – A one of a kind photography based reality web show

Kanan Devan Photography Escapade

Photography is an art that demands a keen eye, a little passion, and a lot of conviction to make it through. In their bid to aide striving photographers, while creating phenomenal content Tata Kanan Devan is back with the latest season of their esteemed Photography Escapade. And this time, the brand has truly outdone themselves!

Kanan Devan being a dated brand had a vast consumer base for audience over the age of 45. Tea as a segment however, has a consumer base in the age bracket of 25-45. Tata Tea Kanan Devan needed communication tools to reach out to the contemporary and younger audiences.

A Magical Cup of Tea!

The brand realized that the younger sect was wowed by the majestic beauty of the plantations. Simultaneously, the millennial are closely connected with photography and travel.

Combining these was born the idea of Photography Escapade – Tata Tea Kanan Devan’s flagship property, through which the brand calls out budding photographers, offering them an opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the industry.

Photography Escapade was first launched in 2014 in a tryst to connect with the digital savvy tea drinker (<34 years old).

While the first season was a success, it was not enough to get the younger audiences to purchase the tea. Thus, the brand decided to create a larger impact by including influencers, case studies, and regional PR across platforms. In addition to a bigger response, Tata Tea Kanan Devan realized that the younger audience connected strongly with the thought of being able to co-create a limited edition tea pack featuring the winning picture.


The previous season, had the winning photograph featured on Kanan Devan Limited Edition packs, giving the contestants great motivation and drive.

This year the brand took it to the next level, as the contestants stood a chance to be a part of a photography based reality show – a truly rare form of content in India.

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And it begins…

Combining their strong social media suite with quality original content, the third season of Photography Escapade is captured in a reality web-series that you can’t stop watching.

Photography Escapade Season 3, a four part series is a breathtaking account of 10 contestants who go through a life changing experience on the heavenly terrains of Munnar, Kerala.

The four part series of The Photography Escapade 3 narrates a beguiling journey – right from the contestants’ arrival in Kochi to the finale – wherein each of them learnt, evolved, and enjoyed every moment.

As the journey commences, each photographer shares their awe-inspiring journey. How they smashed the stereotypes around the profession and went against all odds to pursue their passion.

For instance, Anand Rama Krishnan hailing from Kochi, Kerala switched from a well paying engineering job to photography while having to convince his rather conservative parents; Rahul Vangani on the other hand found his love for photography through his fascination with symmetry found in architecture.

From the very beginning, the partakers were engaged with fun activities, the first one being an Alphabetic Clue which would lead them to the destination of the ultimate photography competition – Kanan Devan Hills. Each testimony is sets a new mark of inspiration, building deep rooted interest for the viewers.

The contestants of Photography Escapade 3 were trained and guided by professionals, Aditya Puri and Ashish Sharma. The series captures the contest, which unfolded with the theme of Spirit of Nature in the Kanan Devan hills in Munnar.

The participants raced to find the talisman of four elements of nature – Wind, Eath, Water, and Fire – also the elements needed to whip up a steaming hot cup of tea.

Each talisman took the teams to a location where the photographers then had to visualize and click through. Additionally, the reality show took the viewers through various workshops and creative exercises that the participants were given.


The second episode is an enthralling journey of the search for the first talisman, as the contestants had to take up a scavenger hunt. Each of the clues further led the participants to spots very important to them as photographers, eventually leading them to the talisman of earth.


Progressing to the third episode, the competition intensified, as each teams raced to solve their truzzles (treasure + puzzle) leading to their next talisman.

The fourth and the finale episode concluded a fruitful journey, as every participant set off to pack their photography learnings and this thrilling experience for one final challenge.

The contestants hunt for the talismans in the subsequent episodes, made viewers a part of their scenic and thrilling journey. Especially the customary tea break in between challenges, will make you want to fix yourself a steaming cup of masala chai.

Additionally, Tata Tea Kanan Devan took a two pronged approach on social media, making their consumers a part of the magnetic journey.

The brand used innovative display and videos to create a higher engagement rate. For instance, a 360 degree view of the hills was shared on Facebook and YouTube, conveying the raw beauty and the participants’ experience. Additionally, Tata Tea Kanan Devan created regional content for precise targeting, leveraging the strong vernacular connect in India.

Further, they shared behind the scenes images and also conducted a people choice activity through their social media handles. The real time updates helped the users become the part of the journey.

A journey worth while…

Photography Escapade Season 3, concluded with the launch of this reality show and Tata Tea Kanan Devan Limited Edition packs featuring the winning photograph of this season.

An action packed, exciting, and refreshing series, The Photography Escapade 3 is a milestone in terms of web content and photography events, as it manages to combine three fundamentals of millennial passion – photography, travel, and tea.

With Photography Escapade, the cult tea brand has managed to create a digital property, that attracts the younger demographic with fine content – a connect many brands are still struggling to establish.