Lufthansa brings #SayYesToTheWorld campaign to India

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Say Yes To The World

Lufthansa launched its new Say Yes To The World brand campaign in India, celebrating openness and curiosity. The campaign is about exploring a world of new possibilities and saying yes to the unknown.

At the heart of the new Say Yes To The World campaign is Lufthansa’s mission to inspire people to explore, to see the world, and open their minds to new experiences. It uses the power of questions spurring new-age travelers to challenge status quo, rethink conventional perspectives and find their own answers, saying yes to change.

The campaign adds a new dimension to Lufthansa’s promise in India. While the airline continues to be ‘More Indian than you think’ with its Indian cuisine, entertainment and hospitality, the new campaign is a salute to explorers like the new global Indian, pushing new boundaries, opening new doors and displaying an open-mindedness to explore a world full of opportunities.

“Lufthansa opens up the world to all explorers. With more and more Indians displaying a growing zest for exploring the world, the new campaign adds to our assurance of being ‘More Indian than you think’ and reaffirms our commitment to being a preferred partner to the Indian traveler,” said Wolfgang Will, Senior Director, South Asia, Lufthansa German Airlines.

The new campaign is accompanied with an exciting new digital engagement hub at It invites people around the world to pin any place on the online world map and share what they would like to say “Yes!” to there. Participants stand a chance to win a ticket to explore a dream destination in Europe.

Reinventing the brand

In line with the new campaign, Lufthansa is also reinventing itself in response to the changing customer requirements. Against the backdrop of digitalization, the refreshed brand logo celebrates the distinctive Lufthansa crane created 100 years ago, while transforming it into a dynamic new-age brand. It reflects a thinner ring, which makes the crane look more elegant, bringing it into the foreground and granting it more space.

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The new modernized brand image personifies the premium nature of the airline today. An airline that is reliable and trustworthy, and also offers state of the art aircraft, five star service, the best network as well as the best digital experience.

With style and quality. The re-branding is symbolic of a journey to further strengthen itself so as to transform travel into unforgettable experiences. With empathy for each individual.

The Lufthansa Group's brand image has also been modernized. The new logo no longer bears the crane and is written completely in capital letters. This will take into account the great variety of brands in the Group, offering optical neutrality for all companies. The newly developed Lufthansa Corporate typeface is timeless and independent.

As proud drivers of globalization, Lufthansa itself represents open-mindedness, flying ahead in response to changing market preferences and the dynamic needs of its customers.

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