My Eco Period Kit propagates #GreenPeriodCleanPeriod in upcoming campaign

My Eco Period Kit

A group of aware individuals decided to take action against non-biodegradable and harmful products, giving rise to Grow.share.sustain.

They come with a mind-set and motto of replacing everything toxic, non-biodegradable and harmful with biodegradable & pro-nature products. They are calling it #shop sustainability.

To bring about a revolution that aims to save the environment from irreversible damage caused by non-biodegradable menstrual products aka regular sanitary napkins the team launched My Eco Period Kit.

Before rural womenfolk also join the bandwagon of sanitary napkin usage, there is a pressing need for another revolution— that of eco-friendly menstrual hygiene. Comfort, care and health need not be expensive—to the pocket or for the planet.

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Celebrate women's day and womanhood by making the switch to eco friendly sustainable menstruation and save money as well as your body from cancer caused by regular sanitary napkins. Save the environment as well from all the period garbage #greenperiodcleanperiod

Posted by My Eco Period Kit on Thursday, 8 March 2018

It aims at a movement to bring about a behavioural change in the society through acceptance and use of sustainable alternatives. With a vision to bring about awareness on the mounting menstrual garbage, the group wants to kick-start a wave of social responsibility among majorly, the urban women and ultimately, every woman in India, to accept and use menstruation alternatives.

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The kit contains a set of 14 organic/bio degradable napkins, 3 cloth pads and one menstrual cup. The idea is very simple—to urge women to try the kit and identify what works best for them.

The set of 14 napkins will help women tide through 3 menstrual cycles, time enough for them to gauge the ease and convenience of the other two options and give them ample time to consider and decide on a comfortable alternative that is befitting to them.

As the acceptance of these alternatives increases, the group eventually hopes to reach out to the grass-root level and promote eco-friendly menstrual hygiene among women in every corner of the country. When the realisation dawns upon everyone that a #GreenPeriodCleanPeriod is the way to go, it impacts not only the person but the environment as well.

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Ms. Apoorva Jaiswal, founder at grow share sustain says “Padman the movie has opened the flood gates for menstruation as a topic to be discussed in India and we want to take it a notch higher by providing the right alternative. Our whole focus is to spread awareness on sustainability and bring behaviour change in humans.”

Mr. Akshaye Madhok, one of the founders of this movement says, “As shocking as it sounds, a regular sanitary napkin takes over 500 years to decompose. We want women to consider the extent of damage and switch to other alternatives. There’s hardly any awareness about the availability of sustainable products. Menstrual cups have been around for years, but apprehensions about the topic of menstruation itself, as well as the way it’s to be used, makes the option a no-no for most women.”