A look at RAW Pressery’s influencer outreach initiative – Eat Clean Stay Lean

Eat Clean Stay Lean


RAW Pressery

Popular cold pressed juice brand, RAW Pressery collaborated with Rhea Gupta, a Mumbai based Influencer and Brand Strategist to roll out their campaign, Eat Clean Stay Lean.


The objective of RAW Pressery’s Eat Clean Stay Lean campaign was to promote a healthy lifestyle among the youth by working with several Influencers who are prominently into fitness, spreading the word and inspiring other people to do the same.


As part of the Eat Clean Stay Lean campaign, RAW Pressery recognized the social media Influencers who were a perfect fit for the brand’s message, such as Nakuul Mehta, Swara Bhasker, Kritika Kamra, Nisha Rawal, and more.

Eat Clean Stay Lean

Banking on the popularity of these popular youth icons, RAW Pressery reached out to the younger audiences through the Influencer’s accounts by equipping them with products from RAW Pressery such as cold pressed juices and cleanses.

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Accompanying the Eat Clean Stay Lean campaign was a 10 Day Detox Challenge promoted by the Influencers to inspire healthy habits among their followers. The challenge involved various activities such as, ‘Drinking 8 glasses of water a day, not consuming sugar or processed foods, and more.

Eat Clean Stay Lean

Catering to a vastly diverse set of consumers, RAW Pressery offered specific products to these Influencers keeping in mind their preferences. Since Influencer Nakuul Mehta follows a Vegan and Gluten Free diet, this helped RAW Pressery promote their brand among vegan and gluten free consumers.

Eat Clean Stay Lean


RAW Pressery managed to register over 5 million Impressions with the help of Eat Clean Stay Lean, receiving an increase of more than 10K Followers on their social media profiles.

The brand has been widely appreciated by users who learned of it through the campaign, helping the brand achieve their campaign objectives by successfully reaching out to social media users and promoting a healthier lifestyle among them.

What worked?

1. The brand customized their approach for each influencer, leveraging their core strength for the activity, as opposed to mass brief.

2. Raw Pressery managed to bank on the fitness wave that has been dominating social media as more and more people resort to low carb diets with workout.

What could have been better?

1. Given the rise of health oriented content, the brand could have created highly useful content – such as carbs in a particular food or meal plans that include their product.

Overall the brand managed to do a good job, using Influencers in the apt light with the apt brief.