The Masthead of Respect – saluting the new Indian woman in a true sense!

The Masthead Of Respect

Indian Government in association with Indian leading dailies launched – #TheMastheadOfRespect, an inspiring initiative, giving an ode to the modern Indian woman.

International Women’s Day – a day dedicated to salute the contribution of every woman while breaking free of the shackles of stereotypes and shattering the glass ceiling every single day. Going beyond the roses, chocolates, and empty wishes, the Government of India and the Indian media, decided to bow their heads in respect that every woman truly deserves.

This women’s day, in a hair-raising gesture, the Indian Government in association with major leading dailies of the country launched – #TheMastheadOfRespect. An initiative, that peeked beyond the clichéd mannerisms attached to women’s day and offered an ode to the modern Indian woman.

Right from English leading dailies such as The Times of India, The Economic Times, DNA, The Pioneer, and Deccan Chronicle to Hindi and regional dailies, including Dainik Jagran, Swadesh, Nayi Dunia, and Amarujala created mastheads consisting of uniquely created statements that acknowledged the shift from women development to women led development in India.

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The Masthead of Respect creatively imbibed the name of the daily to fit in the message in the most creative and impactful manner. For instance, The Time’s of India’s masthead on March 08, 2018 read – Women are rewriting The Times of India. The Economic Times’ masthead proudly stated – Women are driving The Economic Times and Dainik Jagran’s masthead said – Naari Shakti mai he unnati ka Dainik Jagran.

All these awe-inspiring messages merged into the nation’s voice, addressing the contribution, strength, and power of the modern women, highlighting India’s progression from Women Development to Women Led Development.

In a hearty gesture, the Government and Media set an example by acknowledging the modern Indian women’s role in the society in a very factual sense. While India battles the binds restraining women, this campaign places the entire gender on an equal ground, through a platform that reaches all sects, cultures, and age groups.

The Masthead of Respect walks the talk making March 08, 2018 a truly historic day in the Indian history of women empowerment.