App Feature – Arbo Hub

Arbo Hub

About the app

Arbo Hub is an all-in-one platform that helps users discover and use multiple apps and services in one place. It enhances the users’ digital life by making it simpler and clutter free, proving a holistic and personalised experience for anyone and everyone.

What’s in the name?

Arbo as a word is derived from the Greek word Esperanto. Arbo which means – a framework that supports climbing plants, it nurtures plants, helps them grow and become more useful. Similarly Arbo is an app which learns from the user and supports a user. Arbo Hub is its natural extension which acts as a platform supporting a wide range of apps and functionalities.

Meet the team…

The Panasonic Mobility Team is headed by Pankaj Rana. Ashish Priyadarshi is the senior product manager and Nipun Kaicker is the project manager for Arbo Hub.

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How is the app different from its competitors?

Arbo Hub is all about its user base, and how to make their experience better. A platform as diverse as the Indian demographic, it takes into consideration the unique needs of every user and delivers a personalised yet unified package of utility at one place. It can be enjoyed as an inbuilt application on select Panasonic Smartphones.

Our content plan looks like..

Arbo Hub hosts content from multiple places. News from NewsPoint, Games from Gamezop and so on. Be it getting real time scores for your favourite IPL team, to viewing top stories of the day summarised and curated by Daily Digest; users are always connected and getting the content they desire.

How do we see social media?

Social Media is a great platform to engage with the TG in a fun interactive manner. We are using the various platforms to help inform the audience about the various USPs and highlighting how they can get their hands on the Super App.

Biggest challenge we overcame…

Making the product work across multiple apps and services and integrating the same into the platform without compromising on performance was one of the biggest challenges we overcame.

We’re making moolah by…

Our main source of monetization includes product partnerships, content partnerships, location based technologies and targeting, advertising.

Our journey so far..

Arbo Hub has been installed on the Ray 700 smartphones and the reception and ratings have been very positive.

Our TDL for 2018 looks like…

We will be making it more widely available across all Panasonic devices and integrating more partners and services.
One reason every person should use Panasonic Smartapps….

Everyone matters.There’s something for everyone, always!