Arjun Kapoor celebrates Ki & Ka's second anniversary with Bend The Gender

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Bend The Gender

Celebrating the second anniversary of his film Ki & Ka that challenged gender roles in society and propagated gender equality, Arjun Kapoor made sure the cause did not lose its momentum with Bend The Gender awards.

Turning the conversation around gender equality that was promoted by Ki & Ka, Arjun Kapoor lent his support to the gender equality cause with Bend The Gender awards, a semi-annual campaign that rewards stories that set an example and inspired people to practice the same.

The Awards were rolled out in the form of a contest, with the winners standing a chance to meet actor Arjun Kapoor and be presented with the award.

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Bend The Gender was first announced through a video on Arjun Kapoor’s official social media channels where he explained the thought behind the awards, and urged people to bring forth the stories of ‘men who have supported their partners, much like Arjun’s character in Ki & Ka.

The announcement was made on 31st March, 2018 on both Arjun Kapoor’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, and follow up posts were made on a regular basis on social media, encouraging users to send in more stories and entries.

A number of Bollywood celebrities and influential personalities appreciated the initiative and had kind words to say about the Bend The Gender awards. Filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker, Joginder Tuteja and others appreciated the initiative.

The Bend The Gender contest announcement video on Arjun Kapoor’s official Facebook page received an impressive 1.3M views, and more than 34K Reactions, along with 429 comments and over 600 Shares. The video managed to achieve a Reach of 5.2M, and Engagement of 310.5K and 6.1M Impressions.

On Twitter, the same video racked up 45.5K views, 4.2K Likes and over 370 Retweets, and on Instagram, the video received a 230K views in total, with 70K Likes and more than 500 comments.

Bend The Gender was popular on Twitter as it shot up to the third place on Twitter trends, and was trending consistently for over 8 hours on 1st April. 2018.

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