Ikea Amsterdam’s Helping Hands takes viewers on a soothing journey

Ikea Amsterdam

Ikea Amsterdam unveiled their newest spot creating an immensely soothing campaign that reinforces the necessity and refreshing appeal of sleep.

Featuring perhaps the most sleep deprived pair of individuals on the planet, new parents, the Ikea Amsterdam spot puts a fresh spin of modern diversity on their spot with two women, a same sex couple.

“What consumes your life, controls your mind. So use the night time to revive..” says the background narrator as the family proceeds to succumb into a deep refreshing slumber. Their belongings such as laundry, footwear and other objects strewn around the house are shown to put themselves away, showcasing some neat Ikea furniture.

Ikea – Helping Hands (Sleep) from CZAR Amsterdam on Vimeo.

The poetic, almost soothing voice of the narrator recites a rhyming copy and the advertisement leaves behind a fond residue in our minds, and even though nothing about the spot is in your face regarding Ikea products, or the brand, the relatable factors such as the copy, and watching a loving family enjoy an uninterreupted sleep presents a comforting association that can be made with the brand.

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The director of the ad, Floris Kingma tells The Stable, “…this time I had to create a simple film that tickles imagination and has a calming effect. I wanted to add a personal touch to the film and make it more humane…Getting the VO to have the right tone of voice was a challenge. I wanted it to be poetic and rhythmic without being too overpowering.”

As the sun rises, the family of three wake up with a smile on their faces, Fully Recharged and ready to face another day of their seemingly beautiful lives.

Fully Recharged was created by Havas Lemz for Ikea Amsterdam and production company, Czar were tasked with producing this spot that lasts little over a minute.