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Powerless Queen

This International Women’s Day, Project Nanhi Kali, and WATConsult rolled out a hard hitting campaign titled Powerless Queen, highlighting the fact that a society that robs women of their rights, fails fundamentally.

Using the game of Chess as a metaphor, Project Nanhi Kali and WATConsult collaborated with Anna Rudolf, an international Chess Grandmaster for a video that conveyed their message in the perfect manner. The Powerless Queen initiative was also supported by Tania Sachdev, Indian Chess Grandmaster.

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For the Powerless Queen initiative, Project Nanhi Kali created a microsite where users could play a game of digital chess against an automated player, although with a catch. As part of the initiative, any player who played the game would have their Queen, the most powerful and crucial Chess piece, rendered powerless. While the automated player would retain all the powers of the Queen.

Playing this game on the website, Anna Rudolf uploaded a video of herself playing against the automated player, showing how difficult it was even for her to play with a Powerless Queen. This reinforced the message of the campaign that a society that obstructs and enroaches upon the freedom and strengths of it’s women, will eventually fail to prosper.

The campaign was laiunched on International Women’s Day and in no time, garnered a Reach of over 5 Million, generating more than 58 Million Impressions.

Powerless Queen

Receiving the support of Chess royalty, Vishwanathan Anand, Grandmaster Anish Giri, celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar, and others, the campaign was very well appreciated.

The Powerless Queen campaign also received over 7400 Tweets, with all the conversation and awareness helping the Project Nanhi Kali successfully receive donations that made more than 40K hours of education for girls possible.

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