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Parents On Pinterest

Pinterest admits in an internal survey that over 56% of parents on Pinterest consider it to be their go-to platform for information about parenting products and services. Meals, Home Improvement tips and kids fashion are some of the most hotly topics among parents who use Pinterest.

For brands that intend to target parents on Pinterest, and most importantly mothers here are some interesting details. The company claims to have received an affirmative from 74% of mothers between the ages of 18-49 saying they find content from brands useful.

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While other social media platforms continue to battle it out with each other, Pinterest is the one steadily growing, virtually unchallenged with over 200M users today, and over 81% of them are females. Moreover, 93%# of active Pinterest users say they use Pinterest to plan purchases, and 87%# say they have purchased something because of Pinterest.

That is a rich vein of potential customers that not many brands are focusing on. If your brand focuses primarily on this particular demographic, this Infographic contains every important detail about what parents on Pinterest do and how you can use this information for the benefit of your brand.

Parents on Pinterest

You can download the Infographic from Pinterest here.



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