These Indian cities rank high on the Road Safety Index

Road Safety Index

What is the best part about a city? The never say die spirit, the safe by lines, the lip-smacking street food or the deep rooted culture? Well, all of these! And more!

Indian cities are an ode to the cultural diversity and harmony that our nation proudly exhibits. It is the people, the places, and the roads that make India a truly beautiful country. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, and hence India has been battling the issue of road safety.

Contributing their two bits, Maruti Suzuki in partnership with Times Now introduced a comprehensive Road Safety Index through which the safest and happiest cities are identified and awarded.

Let’s take a look at which city aces and manages to set an example with this pictorial journey.


Clear roads, what can anyone else ask for? With adequate facilities and convenience for physically challenged people i.e. roads and places having accessibility, reservations in public transport facilities, and more Mumbai has received the Best City – Differently Abled Friendly Award

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Ensuring proper provision of emergency services, adequacy of road infrastructure and facilities and regulating heavy vehicle movement, Ahmedabad has received the awards for Best City – Emergency Services, Best City – Road Transport Infrastructure and Best City – Heavy Vehicle Traffic Management respectively

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Indeed a harmony of lights.


Through someone else’s eyes! Bengaluru has managed to ace the art of road safety.


Delhi can certainly enjoy Happy Roads and swift movement with overall quality of roads and well connected network of inner roads. As Delhi received the awards for Best City – Road Quality and Connectivity respectively

The vast lands of happiness.

This and many more awards were bestowed by the Maruti Suzuki Indian Road Safety Mission’s Road Safety Index.

Each of these photographers was able to capture these priceless moments, as citizens strive to better their cities each day. Contributing to these initiatives is Maruti Suzuki Indian Road Safety Mission (IRSM), an initiative that advocates road safety and its importance.

Let’s hope the authorities are taking note while we pledge to do our own bit towards happier, safer
Indian roads. For more information about the Maruti Suzuki’s initiative and the Road Safety Index,
Click Here.