Snapchat introduces Shoppable AR Filters

Shoppable AR Filters

Brands will now be able to add a compelling CTA to sell products on and within Snapchat itself with the new Shoppable AR filters introduced by the platform today.

This represents a big leap from Snapchat when it comes to their relationship with brands, and also taking their famed Sponsored Filters service to the next level. Through the Shoppable AR filters on Snapchat, users will now be able to simply tap on the ‘Buy Now’ button for a product, app or just about anything that can be bought over the internet.

Shoppable AR Filters

The company is initially working with four brands including Clairol, a P&G personal care brand; Adidas, Candy Crush and STX Entertainment, a production company for the Shoppable AR Filters. Clairol’s AR Filter gives users a view of their hair colour line and gives them the option to buy if they like what they see.

These CTAs don’t necessarily mean Snapchat is only offering brands a way to sell products. Whether it’s installing an app, or even watching a trailer like the STX Entertainment filter for Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, Snapchat’s Shoppable AR Filters eliminates any friction involved in the process by allowing them to decide within the Snapchat ecosystem itself.

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Filters have been a profitable component of Snapchat for the company with Sponsored Filters being highly sought after, and Shoppable Filters allows them to monetize filters further.

Snapchat’s bitter rivals in the Stories arena, Instagram have monetized their version by inserting sponsored Stories between other Stories, whereas Snapchat has been able to do something similar, and top it off with their Sponsored Lens model that is immensely popular with brands.

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