SonyLIV launches Married Woman Diaries – Phase 2

Married Woman Diaries

SonyLIV launched the second edition of its original web series – Married Woman Diaries. The new series takes on the life of new parents as they move into the next phase of their married life.

The series features actress, Sulagna Panigrahi, as Shweta while Abhishek Rawat returns as the husband, Rishi. The first season of ‘Married Woman Diaries’ revolved around how Shweta deals with the changes in her husband post their marriage; while ‘Married Woman Diaries – Phase 2’ will focus on the lives of Shweta and Rishi on becoming parents.

The story is inspired by real life situations of modern couples and the different phases of relationships. Life of couples is very different when they are newly married and then becoming parents is the next phase and hence the show is also named as Phase 2.

How does a couple, so different in every way cope with the stress of parenthood? To add to the tension, an ex-girlfriend of Rishi’s, Alisha, enters the scene. Will sparks fly between the ex- flames and how will Shweta, already overwhelmed with all the pressures of becoming a mother, handle the situation?

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Encapsulated in 10 episodes, ‘Married Woman Diaries – Phase 2’ will be available on SonyLIV starting today and a new episode will air every Wednesday. The series is also available for binge watching for subscribed users. This web series is written by Manu Chobe and directed by Kabir Sadanand and presented by Kama Sutra condoms.

Uday Sodhi, EVP and Head – Digital Business, SonyLIV said, “The first edition of our signature series, Married Woman Diaries, did extremely well. We are very excited to bring to our audiences the second edition. With Married Woman Diaries Phase 2, we are all set to share newer perspectives on the parenthood phase in the life of a married couple. SonyLIV is known to make contextual web-series and short-films With each new piece of content comes our deep understanding of viewers in India. Married Women Diaries – Phase 2 is also a result of deep insights from what urban young viewers want to watch.”

Ajay Rawal – General Manager (Marketing) – Raymond FMCG added, “As a brand, we were pleasantly surprised by the response generated by Married Woman Diaries Phase 1. Acceptance of brand name Kama Sutra in different media vehicles has its own challenges, hence we found the OTT platform a valuable source to disseminate brand messages. In our endeavour to appeal to youth who are mostly on mobile, we observed that the younger target audience has really seen and appreciated the series. We are extremely happy to partner with SonyLIV for Married Woman Diaries Phase 2, which is a post marriage scenario, equally apt for usage of Kama Sutra products to bring back the zing in life amidst all challenges.”