Most watched ads on YouTube in Q1 2018

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YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2018

Creativity and storytelling reign supreme when it comes to advertisements and campaigns in the age of social media and the audiences are loving it. The YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2018 reports 10 such Ads that were loved and watched by millions.

Established and enduring brands in the Indian market such as TATA Motors, Pepsi, Cadbury and more were joined by brands such as, Oppo and more on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2018 for Q1 that colectively clocked in over 1.36M hours of watch time!

Ads that were crisp and with a duration of less than 30 Seconds dominated this list of some of the most watched brand Ads from India, while Oppo had by far the longest entry with a 13 minute brand film that resonated with the audience. Mobile devices were the biggest contributors with 83.6% of the watch time coming from them.

Check out the YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2018 with Ads from brands such as TATA Motors, Levi’s, Dettol, Mountain Dew and more.

Tata Motors - Reach For A Dream #ChaseTheSupermoon - Cashback

Levi’s - Bhangara

Oppo - Oppo F5 Siddharth Malhotra

Cadbury Silk - Valentine’s Day #PopYourHeartOut

Pepsi - The Adventures Of Hunny and Choocha #KyunSookheSookheHi

Lux - Fans Of Each Other, Fans Of New Lux

Dettol - Growing Up Needs Dettol

Mountain Dew - The Mountain Within

V-Guard - V-Guard Inverter TVC

These were some of the most watched and loved Ads that originated from India in the Q1 this year making their mark of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2018!

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