Tired of mindless swiping? Here are 10 dating apps that are not Tinder!

dating apps better than Tinder

If you haven’t spend the last decade hibernating under a rock, you probably know how popular Tinder happens to be. But is it really the best dating app out there, or are there dating apps better than Tinder?

Although it would be fun to utter the word Dating surrounded by a crowd of angry Indian uncles and aunties, and watch them simultaneously explode into flames and generate loud hisses, online dating in India is rather more popular than you think. Now the whole swipe right, one picture and few words based judging might work for some, but when we talk about dating apps better than Tinder, we mean diverse, comprehensive and even different. Surprisingly enough, the term ‘dating apps better than Tinder’ is a widely searched one on Google and hence, I bring you the solution.

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For example, imagine an app that allows women to initiate the conversation, thereby eliminating the sea of creepy messages, debilitatingly cheesy pickup lines and mind numbingly stupid requests of a one-night stand! Or a dating app that lets you match up with the fitness maniac that you are, raising the possibility of you finding someone who also likes to hit the gym, and not some pizza munching, beer guzzling, couch potato who might not be your idea of a perfect match?

Oh worry not! They actually exist and if you’re tired of swiping left and right, check out this list of dating apps that are better than Tinder because they give you one of the best products of democracy – CHOICE.

1. Zoosk

Among the many positive aspects of Zoosk are that it’s UI and layout are easy to use, it has a large user base and that it connects people not based on where they are, but based on their shared interests, which needless to say, has more probability of resulting in a meaningful friendship and/or relationship rather than a one-night stand. (Hey, to each their own.)

Among it’s cons are, messaging is only allowed for members who pay, and it could be called restrictive because it only allows users to browse one profile at a time.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

2. Sweatt

For all the fitness buffs out there, Sweatt is the dating app that matches you with an equally dedicated gym rat who enjoys working out. It matches you with people who enjoy similar kinds of exercise, foods and the time of workout, and the best thing is, instead of meeting up for drinks, coffee or a movie, you get to squeeze in a workout with your potential lifetime gym partner!

You can download the app on iTunes. The company promises it’s coming soon on Android.

3. Her

Now this is an interesting one, but men, you can stop reading this right here. Her is a dating app that caters only to women, and is specifically for lesbians, queer, bisexual and bicurious women. A truly progressive and refreshingly unconventional take on dating apps, Her is ad free, no cost and is secure since it necessitates a Facebook sync to prevent idiots who would try to pretend to be women.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

4. Grindr

I know, I know. Grindr isn’t new, or any less popular but for the sake of balance and the sheer audacity of shattering the regressive traditions way back in 2009, it deserves a shout out. One of the first dating apps created specifically for homosexual men, Grindr has a massive presence all over the world in 192 countries, including India.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

5. Bumble

A location based dating app that can also be used to find potential buddies, Bumble differentiates itself from others through one distinction; it only allows women to initiate a conversation in a heterosexual match-up between two people. This eliminates the oft complained about nuisance of spamming, incessant messages and lewd comments. Interestingly, Bumble was founded by one of Tinder’s co-founders after she left the company and sued it for sexual discrimination and harassment.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

6. Tastebuds

How about this? A dating app that matches people based on their music tastes and preferences? Could it really be true? Tastebuds asks you numerous music related questions, and also lets users post text posts on a ‘global wall where you can share your thoughts and others can engage with you. Messages, and Tastebuds Radio are among the other things on offer here.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel

I know! That’s an interesting name and this is an equally interesting, uber feminist dating app that is also surprisingly reasonable. So, how it works is, everyday at noon, men on the app are provided with a list of 21 women to choose from, and they can either like or pass. The ones they Like, will be provided with a curated list of interested men and it all comes down to #LadiesChoice. More power to the ladies!

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

8. Feeld

A dating app for open minded singles and couples! Yes you read that right. Feeld is the kink destination of online dating where pretty much nothing is off limits. Polyamory, kink, and alternative sexual preferences such as more than one partner at once and more, all find inclusion on Feeld. It was earlier called 3nder, Threender, representing its kinky manifestation but was forced to rename due to Tinder parent company Match.com, suing them. Incognito mode, disappearing photos, single and couple profiles are some of the things on offer.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

9. Sapio

We have all known someone who overuses the word Sapiosexual to describe their preference, and well, all those guys now have a dating app exclusively for themselves. It connects people who find intelligence attractive (duh!), share similar interests of very intelligent things and can discuss more intelligent things with other intelligent people. Okay you may probably sense my (subtle?) disdain towards Sapio, but for all the sapiosexuals out there, you can find more of your kind right here.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

10. FMK – F*ck, Marry, Kill

So, someone turned the hush-hush teen game into a dating app which functions on the same principles, yes, but the intriguing aspect of it is, that it matches people who submit the same answer for each other. Now I’m not sure what they do with people who would rather kill each other, but its safe to say, they don’t get matched. “The app lets you check your rating to see if you’re more fuckable, marriable or murderable. It then matches you up with the people who dig you and you can chat if you want to,” says Thrillist. Still a breath fo fresh air though.

You can download the app on iTunes and Android.

There you have it, a list of dating apps better than Tinder not because sometimes, you’re just looking for a deeper connection than hoping for someone around you to read a few words about you and swipe right on you.

There always are options such as Happn, Badoo, Woo, Truly Madly, Matchify and OKCupid that deserve an honorary mention, so, here it is!

Date away potential lovebirds!


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