Classmate’s #BeBetterThanYourself touches on a pressing issue faced by students

Be Better Than Yourself

Behind every ‘Sharmajika beta’ joke lays the ugly truth of competitive parenting, an evil prevailing largely in India. And a campaign we recently came across seems to be battling this evil.

Classmate’s Be Better Than Yourself attempts to challenge the wildly-based assumptions around the term ‘competition’. With this campaign the brand seems to try and catalyse a change for the betterment of the generations to come.

A moving story of a young girl, writing to her mother about how her marks couldn’t be as good as her friends’ in spite of diligence and hard-work, Be Better Than Yourself is a relatable tale. The girl further promises her mother to get higher marks than her friends, so as to be rewarded with her favourite chocolate cake. To the little girl’s surprise, her mother bakes a cake sharing how she outdid herself and that is the true competition.

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In a competitive society like ours, students are often pressured to beat their peers and classmates, touting them as competition, leading to an uber-stressed environment for the little ones. Be Better Than Yourself tries to un-condition the parents and children of such thoughts, shedding light on how one’s true competition is their ownself. The campaign seems to be gathering momentum with the YouTube video already getting 5.7Mn+ Views on YouTube.

In a clutter of exam oriented campaigns, Classmate manages to touch upon a pressing issue, bringing in light and hope for students.