Everyuth Naturals urges to Ditch The Advice

Ditch The Advice

Skin problems bring a great deal of unwanted and unnecessary advice from all and sundry, from homemade remedies to questionable explanations, and Everyuth Naturals wants you to Ditch The Advice.

The latest campaign from the skincare brand titled, Ditch The Advice, Everyuth Naturals have roped in Bollywood actress and model, Diana Penty to endorse their newest pimple remedy, the Everyuth Tulsi Turmeric FaceWash.

Using toothpaste for pimples? #DitchTheAdvice

If anyone ever suggests toothpaste for pimples, just remind them about their cavities. Opt for Everyuth Naturals’ Tulsi Turmeric Facewash, and just #DitchTheAdvice.

Posted by Everyuth Naturals on Saturday, 5 May 2018

In a series of 7 short spots, Diana Penty lists all the common homemade remedies for pimples propagated by family members, friends and all the other ‘experts’ at some point in our lives. From rubbing potatoes on pimples, applying baking soda to neem juice and toothpaste, Diana Penty urges viewers to Ditch The Advice and use the Everyuth Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash instead.

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Created with Kinnect Productions from Social Kinnect, Ditch The Advice was rolled out by Everyuth at regular intervals between April 23rd and May 7th.

Each video features Diana debunking commonly suggested home remedies with a strong CTA for the new face wash variant from the brand.

The Ditch The Advice series of spots were released across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and have garnered a cumulative Reach of 1.6M, and 2.4M Impressions on Facebook.

Whereas on Twitter, the camapign has racked up 5098 Impressions, and on Instagram, the campaign has racked up a Reach of over 1M, and over 1.3M Impressions. Total video views for the campaign on Instagram were 178K.