#Infographic Facebook Marketing tips for hotels

Facebook marketing tips for hotels

Social media has turned our vacations into mini-spectacles that we love to share with our followers, so much so that over 97% of millennials love to share pictures while they travel to new destinations. These valuable Facebook marketing tips for hotels can help them up their social media game.

Not only is the younger generation extremely eager when it comes to sharing their experiences on social media, but also consider and trust social media reviews before making purchase decisions. Setting up an official Facebook Page is only the beginning of your hotel’s journey on the world’s largest social media platform but what lies ahead? These Facebook marketing tips for hotels will help you with that.

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Using Facebook’s extensive and comprehensive data to reach new audiences, encouraging Check-Ins and Reviews from guests, leveraging Instagram – the home of vacation pictures and using a unique hashtag are some of the most enduring Facebook marketing tips for hotels to have worked tremendously for many establishments across the world.

Check out this step-by-step Infographic that outlines important Facebook marketing tips for hotels, put together by The Dunloe Hotels.

Facebook marketing tips for hotels

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