#Infographic - Use Social Media to boost In Store Sales

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May 16, 2018 04:28 IST
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boost in store sales

While brands all over the world continue to double down on their efforts to attain dominance in the online ecosystem, letting offline languish would be a grave error. Here’s how you can use social media to boost in store sales, getting online and offline to complement each other.

Brands and consumers are forever in touch with each other through the medium of social media, which plays a pivotal role when influencing the buying behaviour of a consumer. While e-commerce platforms and other players continue to work tirelessly towards phasing out all the friction involved in online purchases, do you wonder how can social media boost in store sales?

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More often than not, even before making offline purchase, a potential buyer will read up on your brand on social media for reviews and recommendations. That is how a new customer is won or lost. For the existing ones, how can you direct them to vist your stores? Redeemable offers and coupons just might be the answer.

According to data 74 per cent of consumers use social media to guide their purchasing decisions and 60 per cent of those engage with the brand on social media before making a purchase.

All these and many more insightful tips that can help you leverage social media to boost in store sales are a part of this detailed Infographic.

boost in store sales

This Infographic was originally created by Colourfast, and published here.

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