Graphic Designer Memes: A hilarious sneak peek into a chaotic life

Graphic Designer memes

Not many experience the highs and lows of professional life as graphic designers do; but believe me these graphic designer memes are like a writer, putting the struggles of his life into words.

Graphic designers on one hand like any artist, revel and take pleasure in gazing at their work, and are also at the receiving end of pedantic and incessant meddling in their work. The frustration, angst, late nights and Red Bull/caffeine-infused creativity is what has given birth to these graphic designer memes.

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Whether it’s the millionth completely ridiculous change from the client to make the ‘red, redder or the purple, purple-r’, or the vague demands to produce astonishing creatives with minimal briefs, graphic designers are the modern day warriors we owe a lot to.

Check out these hilarious, yet painful graphic designer memes that will make you appreciate the hardworking men and women who need to be admired and celebrated much more!

#AgencyLife: "Can't keep calm, my design wasn't saved!"

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Unspoken truth #GraphicDesigner

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