#Infographic – 18 tips to break a creative block

tips to improve creativity

The very thing that makes creative professions such as copywriting, graphic designing, and more of these, so interesting and appealing can sometimes be the very thing that could put you in a spot – getting a fresh new idea. Although common, these easy tips to improve creativity are a lifesaver!

We have all been there at some point, stuck in a creative rut, battling that awful writer’s block, unable to descend into the creative canyon of our minds and resurfacing with that crisp and innovative new idea. Whether it’s that one killer tagline or the struggle to infuse innovation into that logo, from time to time, we need a few tips to improve creativity and guys, it’s okay.

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Now you might have tried your hands on all the gyan your colleagues, seniors, or even friends may have offered but if you still find yourself looking for some help to turn that awful block into something that earns you the ‘good job!’ comment.

Did you know that creating something when you’re angry somehow helps you create better? Or something as simple as staring at the logo of a company, or rolling your eyes for 30 seconds can help you think of better ideas, and calm you down? All these and many more tips to improve creativity at work are a part of this helpful Infographic.

tips to improve creativity

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