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Sports and Social Media

Associated with a television set for decades, Sports and Social Media have catapulted their relationship from platonic one to a deeply serious affair. So much so, that ESPN and SkySports, two television channels synonymous with sports have suffered a decline in the past.

The extremely lucrative and well-founded relationship between Sports and Social Media does not confine itself to viewership and streaming but goes much beyond it by engaging with fans before, after and even during a game. Sports teams are wildly popular on social media with discussions, commentary, analysis and updates all making up for a significant chunk of sports-related traffic on social media.

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Behind this extreme popularity are multiple factors that have been reinforced by sportspersons and athletes who play a huge part when it comes to sustaining this ever-growing popularity and boosting it further. Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Neymar and other such athletes dominate social media conversation among a considerably diverse demographic all over the world.

High profile tournaments have time and again redefined the strength of the partnership between Sports and Social Media, with every event such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, NBA and SuperBowl breaking new records with every new edition! P.S. Cristiano Ronaldo earned Nike more than $500M returns back in 2016! Read this Infographic for more Sports and Social Media stats and trivia from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Sports and Social Media


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