#Report 26 of the most popular topics for Content Marketing in Healthcare

content marketing in healthcare

Healthcare brands on social media often face hardships in churning out relevant contextual content; and if you’re tasked with delivering a bulletproof healthcare content marketing plan for a brand, what topics would you choose to talk about? Find out the most popular topics in healthcare on social media with this report.

Surely you cannot talk about everything since this report was compiled after analyzing more than 16,000 different topics from content marketing in healthcare, so wouldn’t it behove you to know what your audience wants to know?

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Evaluating more than 3M social shares along with web traffic, search engine popularity and factoring in other determinants, these insights were obtained after devouring all the content from nine of the most leading content creators in the industry such as Kindred Healthcare (a Convince & Convert client), HCA Today, United Healthcare, Norton Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Health News, Aetna, CVS, and Mayo Clinic.

There are 26 of the most popular topics for content marketing in healthcare as of 2018:

1. heart disease (95,000+ social shares on this topic alone)

2. diet (82,000+ social shares)

3. tips

4. recipes (best performing recipe: Brussel sprouts)

5. pain (exceptional performance in social sharing, less so in search)

6. brain

7. symptoms

8. women

9. stress

10. stroke

11. health


13. heart attack

14. blood sugar

15. children

16. diabetes

17. foods

18. heart

19. weight loss

20. adults

21. sleep

22. smoking

23. high blood pressure

24. blood pressure

25. Americans

16. drugs

While these are global topics, they help add perspective. Hopefully, this will make social media marketing for healthcare brands a tad bit easier.