Instagram launches Carousel Ads for Stories

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Instagram stories carousel ads

Instagram stories carousel ads are here. Instagram announced Carousel Ads for Stories. This new feature allows brands to post up to three pieces of content in three different cards within a single ad. The interactivity between these posts works the same way as organic stories content.

The photo-sharing app announced the arrival of Instagram stories carousel ads on their official blog. With over 300 million people using Instagram Stories everyday, this new addition lets have advertisers flexibility to be creative in Stories in the same way the community is doing today. In addition to this, businesses can tap into people's passions and inspire them to take action.

Ad Specs

Carousel ads for stories allow brands to display up to 3 pieces of content within a single ad. The format for these ads is same as that of the organic media. For every ads, the image displayed should be for 5 seconds by default and the maximum length for the video is 15 seconds per card. No minimum length is specified.

Other considerations

The ads displayed will support one CTA and only one impression will be counted if any or all the three cards are viewed. Furthermore, they support different web destinations per card or one app destination too.

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At the card level, video metrics and clicks will be reported. Impressions metrics at the card level are not available at this time. However, available metrics will be consistent with what is provided for carousel ads for feed.

Craft for a native stories experience

These new Carousel Ads lets the advertiser tap into popular sharing trends like sequential storytelling and mixing photo and video content. Thus, with this new feature, Instagram is providing an entirely new platform of interaction between the advertisers and consumers.

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