#Testing – Instagram’s You’re All Caught Up will tell users they have scrolled enough

You're All Caught Up

Instagram understands that it can be a highly addictive place for some, and in a bid to cut down on the obsessive and compulsive scrolling, the company is testing a new feature that’s being tentatively called, You’re All Caught Up.

During times of uninterrupted leisure, I do find myself endlessly scrolling through my Instagram Feed, refreshing it multiple times yet ending up looking at the same pictures over and over again. Although there are people who are legitimately addicted to this detrimental activity and Instagram wants to help. In moments like these, You’re All Caught Up will show up on your screen to notify you that you’ve seen all the pictures from a specific period of time and there is nothing new on your Feed. Earlier this year, the platform officially announced that they will make

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Not much information is available about the new tests, and Instagram too has declined to comment on the subject although, through observations, one primary query persists: Whether Instagram’s You’re All Caught Up notification will consider all the behaviourally sorted posts within 48 hours or all of them.

You're All Caught Up

Since Instagram did away with their Chronologically Sorting Algorithm in lieu of the Behaviourally Sorted Algorithm, which needless to point out, is an ever going complaint Instagram has had to deal with.

You're All Caught Up
This is from last week!

The platform has been accused of putting young users at risk of bullying, depression and making them susceptible to other negative catalysts but in recent weeks, have shown a renewed commitment towards prioritizing the well-being of their users.

In a slew of positive new features, Instagram is finally taking up responsibility for the significant role they play in people’s daily lives.

Explicitly telling users that there is nothing new to offer, and implying they should consider closing the Instagram app, is a bold move from the company and has the potential to go beyond mere good PR for doing the right thing. Or this can be an indication for users to explore more than what they are currently following, making way for their newly launched feature of interest based exploration. 

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