#New – Instagram Stories Emoji Slider: Millennial innovation, puzzling for others!

Emoji Slider

After introducing the Poll Sticker earlier this year, Instagram has unveiled a new feature, the Instagram Stories Emoji Slider, that lets users share ‘how much’ something is.

Let me explain. The new Instagram Stories Emoji Slider enables users to ask their friends how sad, happy, angry, hot, adorable, naughty or just about any human emotion express-able through emojis, by sliding it on the meter of sorts.

So how the Instagram Poll Stickers let your friends opine between two specified options, the Emoji Slider lets you ask your friends the degree of whatever question you ask.

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Although there aren’t many applications of this particular Sticker that I might be able to imagine, the fickle millennial generation that welcomes feedback on various aspects of their life including outfits, meals and more.

Instagram says the Emoji Slider lets you ask ‘more nuanced questions’ to your friends when you want to know how and how strongly they feel about something.

So if you would like to know just how fire emoji or heart emoji your celebrity crush is, or how adorable your pet is, or just about anything that virtually depends on how interesting your life is, and how creative you can be even if yours is mundane. The applications are either endless or nought.

You can use it by sliding the Sticker tray on Instagram Stories as you usually do. You can find the Emoji Slider among other Sticker options such as Poll, GIF Sticker, Location and others.

Instagram Stories Emoji Slider

When you tap on it, you can select a specific emoji and add some context by adding text, like a question as you can see below.

The new Sticker is part of Instagram’s latest update on all Android and iOS devices starting today.