Nick Offerman judges people in Don't Toss It, J-B Weld it

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May 23, 2018 07:38 IST
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Don't Toss It, J-B Weld it

American epoxy brand J-B Weld roped in Ron Swanson of all people to judge and shame the people with Don't Toss It, J-B Weld it, a series of three campaign films was dropped by the brand last week.

Don’t worry, Ron Swanson (the iconic character immortalized by Nick Offerman), has a good reason for judging and shaming all those people. It’s because instead of fixing their broken household articles, they toss it out, something that’s wildly unacceptable to Nick Offerman. Although I must warn you, beyond the Ron Swanson stare, Don’t Toss It, J-B Weld it shall offer you nothing.

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Devoid of dialogue, all three spots certainly achieve the desired result of trademark Swanson facial expressions, antics and adequate amounts of silence.

In the first film, Nick Offerman fixed a broken, tossed out rocking chair with J-B Weld products, proceeding to sit and vigorously rock the chair with the owner’s of the chair in the audience outside their home.

His next project involves Nick Offferman fixing a child’s broken kick scooter, before riding it up and down in front of the child and his mother, with a deadpan expression.

Surprise! For the third spot, Nick Offerman does speak, but there are no punchlines. Instead, he fixes a lawn chair and a broken hibachi, proceeding to throw a barbecue party in the original owner’s backyard.

While the campaign films deliver on the humour quotient and were also rolled out as TVCs, Don’t Toss It, J-B Weld it has failed to make a significant impact on YouTube in terms of impact.

The first spot - Chair has racked up 3778 views, Scooter has racked up 1350 views and the third, Patio has 1314 views.

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