Zain Telecom’s Ramadan campaign talks about the refugee crisis

Ramadan 2018 campaign

The month of Ramadan represents goodness, peace, spirituality and an immense faith in the Almighty. Birthed from these ideals is Zain’s Ramadan 2018 campaign titled, Mr President, a painful rendition of the plight of refugees in war-ravaged countries of the world.

Middle East and African Telecom giant, Zain is one of the largest corporations in the territory, based out of Kuwait and are well known for their elaborate and hard-hitting Ramadan campaigns among others. Not one to shy away from controversial topics such as terrorism, Zain’s Ramadan 2018 campaign film, Mr President, begins in the Oval Office of The White House of all places.

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Featuring a young boy voicing the concerns and horrific tales of wanton destruction and loss of life in Arabic, he pleads with the lookalikes of some of the world’s most influential and powerful politicians.

Lookalikes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and more make an appearance at various moments in the roughly three and a half minute film as the young boy invites them to Iftaar, offering a painful rendition of destroyed homes, lost lives and the anguish of trying to escape violence by leaving your home behind.

The film ends on a positive note, offering up a glimmer of hope, one for peace and tranquility and an end to the conflict that has led to the descent of the innocent into chaos.

A powerful and beautifully executed tear jerker, Zain’s Ramadan campaign successfully recreates a palpable tension in the minds of its viewers and is a brilliant effort from the brand.

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Launched on YouTube on May 16th 2018, the film has gathered over 1.8M views to date, and has the potential to be one of the most well made Ramadan campaigns this year.

Here is how Zain spoke of terrorism as part of their Ramadan campaign in 2017.

The campaign film has 14M views to date and shows how Zain does not shy away from sensitive issues.