#ComingSoon – Native Payments on Instagram for a frictionless buying experience

payments on instagram

You will soon be able to shop for products and make payments on Instagram ‘inside the interface’ itself without having to leave the app for a separate payment gateway, eliminating any friction involved in the process.

Instagram has been on course towards being so much more than just a photo-sharing platform, it’s original identity. It now exists as the Instagram we knew, as Facebook’s Snapchat killer, and an advertising juggernaut but the capability to make payments on Instagram could really make the difference, turning Instagram into an advertiser and seller’s darling.

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Here’s why. Take a look at the screenshots of the quietly rolled out feature.

payments on Instagram

It allows users to add a credit or debit card to their account, and set up a PIN Number that allows users in the United States and the UK to make native payments for actions such as hotel reservations, appointments, and more.

Working with a limited set of partners initially until payments on Instagram are rolled out worldwide, the company has confirmed that the new feature has been introduced in a controlled manner.

This coupled with Instagram’s Shoppable Tags could change things for Instagram, positively and massively as brands will be wanting a piece of the huge impulse buy pie that shall be up for grabs with a smooth, un-interrupted buying experience.