#GlobalSamosa Teleflora’s Love Makes A Mom sets the tone for Mother’s Day

Love Makes A Mom

Flowers have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the expression of love and celebration for centuries, and on a day such as Mother’s Day when we acknowledge our love and celebrate mothers, Teleflora attempts to explain how Love Makes A Mom.

An online flower delivery platform that brings together customers and local florists, Teleflora has become known for their beautiful Mother’s Day Campaigns and this year, their series of video ads is titled, Love Makes A Mom.

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Featuring diverse and inclusive stories of numerous couples such as Courtney and Patrice, a same-sex African American couple, raising a daughter together; Denise, who unconditionally loves and raises her sister, Taylor; Cara, a mother of two before she gave birth to Mia, her third child born with Down’s Syndrome.

All three spots are short, 1 minute in duration and feature a montage of emotionally compelling footage of the daily lives of all three families, supported by a beautiful and simplistic background track. The mothers are interviewed by the crew as they share how being a mother has changed their lives for the better, and how their children brought about that beautiful change.

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Cara and Mia’s story has garnered over 1M views, whereas Denise and Taylor’s story has reached 547K views followed by Courtney and Patrice’s story at 540K views within one day of being posted on YouTube.

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, Teleflora’s Love Makes A Mom has the potential to be one of the standout campaigns on the occasion this year.

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