#ComingSoon Snapchat lens that reacts to sounds

Snapchat is reported to be in the process of launching its first Snapchat lens that shall react to sounds.

Touted to be the first of many more to come, the latest Snapchat lens will be a cut animal mask overlay with ears, eyes and will have a glow and a pulse and will appear basis the sounds it hears.

Snapchat has been under immense pressure with strong backlash for its redesign, which eventually had to undergo multiple changes to suit their audiences’ demands. Not to forget, their arch rival Instagram that seems to ape anything and everything it can for its much larger user base.

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According to statistics by Expanded Ramblings Snapchat has 191 million daily active users as of May 01, 2018 and 301 monthly active users. The average number of snaps per day have been recorded at 3.5 billion.

Lately, Snapchat has been attributed with some indeed creative filters, including the full body AR lens and the Sky Whale Lens which have people mesmerized.

How and when will the sound reactive Snapchat lens be rolled out will be soon unveiled. Stay tuned in for more details.